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Advanced milling Software for prothesis productions


Mayka Dental is the Quality Key for your production process

What is Mayka Software?
Mayka dental CAM (Computer aided Machining) is a 3D software that allow to manufacture crowns with machine tools. It works in conjunction with existing scanner on the market. Mayka dental as been developped and approved on different materials like wax, PMMA, Zircon, Titan, Chrome cobalt. The software come to you ready to use thanks to template milling strategies made directly with zircon producer and machine tool manufacturers.
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Product range

Product range could not be more simple, we have one product and it is Mayka Dental. It includes all the features needed for dental prothesis production. Mayka Dental 3.0 is a complete CAM software that any technician can use for rapid production. As an option we provide a Custom version to give the ability to create your own template milling strategies. This is usually required by some OEMs and is available if needed.


  • Import : STL files from many scanner and CAD Software
  • Export : NC file for machine tools
  • Disk library (Cube, Cylinder, Disk, and user define stock)
  • Machine library
  • 3D realistic view that describe milling results in real time.
  • Template milling strategy library (already configured for standard material)
  • Attachment creation
  • Sintering pins creation
  • Free space checking
  • Toolpath checking
  • Tool changer management
  • 4 & 5 axis milling center support
  • Abutment 5 axis detection and milling
  • Residual material left in block saved for next production
  • Collision checking for placement optimisation.
  • Advanced placement features to include up to 50 crowns in a single disk
  • No need of extra drawing to limit milling.
  • MultiCore support to take full benefits of dual core and Quad core on modern computer. This technology allows to reduce drastically toolpath computation in comparison with other Cam sytems.
  • Production report and references engraving to identify crowns after production.


  • Sweeping and Z level roughing and finishing
  • Remachining features.
  • Offset Finishing
  • Abutment 5 axis milling strategies
  • Tool path limited to partition line
  • Ramp plunging to perform soft entry in stock
  • Attachments reduction milling strategy
  • Sintering pins dedicated milling strategy
  • Adapted to the milling of various material : Zircon, Chrome Cobalt, Lithium Silicate, Wax, PMMA, Titanium


CAD / Scanner :

STL file import for compatibility with the most popular scanner and CAD software on the market like 3Shape, Dental Wings, Evirsa, Laser Denta...

CNC Machines :

Open Software compatible with many different machines tools on the market (CharlyRobot, Imes, Isel, Roland, YenaMak, ...) Possible evolution with new post processor on request.

Operating System :

Windows 2000, XP & Vista

Hardware :

DualCore Processor, 3Gb Ram, Nvidia graphic card and 22 inches screen

If you would like more information about the product and learn all about its possibilities regarding your application please feel free to contact us at dental@picasoft.com.
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