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Advanced milling Software for prothesis productions


Mayka Dental is the Quality Key for your production process

Our experience in industry

Machining software for many different types of industries like mold making, rapid prototyping, sculptural part reproduction, stone milling, 5 axis trimming for thermal forming, is our core business. Our technology is based on fast and accurate milling of point cloud and polygonal mesh data, of which stl files are the main choice. Mayka has constantly evolved as a professional and easy to use solution for 3D milling applications in 3/4 and 5 axis as well as 2D. Today Mayka is working across the world driving hundreds different milling machines and 6 axis robots. You can visit www.picasoft.com to learn more about the PicaSoft CAD/CAM product range. In the last past 2 years and thanks to an experience of 15 years in milling software, we are please to have developed a specific CAM software (Mayka Dental) dedicated to dental milling market.

if you would like more information about the product and learn precisely about its possibilities regarding your activity please feel free to contact us at dental@picasoft.com
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Mayka Dental obviously takes the experience and benefits of our Mayka industrial products (Mayka Model, Mayka Pro and Mayka Expert), all based our industrial strength core software engine. Thanks to Mayka’s advanced milling techniques like rest machining and offset finishing, dental prothesis can be manufactured accurately and quickly. The Mayka Dental interface has been entirely design in collaboration with dental technicians and machine tool manufacturers to make the process as streamlined as possible. Mayka Dental software has evolved with over 2 years customer feedback taken into a count. Now Mayka Dental version 3.0 brings you a more intuitive and easy to use application so you are able to start production yourself after 1 days training. This is all possible because all the milling strategies have been configured and tested by us and our reseller network, so with just a few clicks your ready to go. Milling technology of Mayka Dental is already set up for many different materials so you do not have to be a milling expert to do your job. If you are a CAM technician then we have the Custom option so you can create and configure any milling strategy to define your own milling templates for production.